Why every woman desires to be Lillian Muli after flaunting her body post-partum

Two weeks in the wake of having her second child, Lillian Muli is back shaking her ever lovely body. Taking to social media, the well-known newscaster, left tongues swaying with photographs of her lovely figure and a flat tummy clad in a tight pink best and dark stockings.

The internet soon lit up as netizens expressed their astonishment at just how fast Muli shed the baby fat:

ominaharmony hakuna tumbo? Tell me the secret am in your shoes ryt nowmissmaleche Aiii 2 weeks postpartum I looked like a pumpkin… look at you all beautiful… anyway of importance is life. Congratulationsmoraeval Wow figure coming out nice. I love that figure. Tell me what you does after birth less month
carollekay Goodness!! You look better than most of us 3 years postpartum!
alibenah I love the comeback
stacey.faustine Kamami uko sure umetoka kuzaa na unakaa hivi…my God..just help a sister
moikojuliet Ok 2weeks, wat about baby fat???What did you do with your tummy
marie.kariuki Woow,, lookn awesome… Wheres the katummy
make_up_by_alimo Wao how did you lose your baby bum soo first

Ealier, Muli had shared a photo of herself taking a walk with baby Liam in a prom wearing a waterfall covering her black dress. Here, her tummy was visible, well, it’s now well-toned:


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