Why Jamal Gadaffi Married Quickly Before He Got Famous

Previous KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi has admitted that he was in a race to get a charming, brilliant lady he can call spouse before he got celebrated and kill rulers wreck him with ceaseless sex offers.

Talking in a meeting on Radio Maisha, the moderator shared that he knew being celebrated accompanies preferences and impediments and one of the disservices is that you get diverted you are not hitched.

I had to settle down early because I knew what came with the fame. If I was not married then I would have messed a lot, but marriage tamed me. I do not mess around because I am happily married with a family,” Jamal said.

Gadaffi now has a kid and even recently revealed that he’s expecting another.

“It is a good moment for me and my family. She is happy and I am ready to take this step with her a second time. This time around I wanted the privacy, a journey for us two. I am glad,” he explained.


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