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Why My Father Almost Chased Me Away- Socialite Amber Ray

Flamboyant socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray was almost chased away from home after breaking up with her boyfriend who was on his way to pay her dowry.

On social media, Ray shared the incident while commenting on some of the crazy things African parents do to their kids.

“What’s the craziest thing an African parent has ever done to you? asked a photo she posted on social media.

She captioned:

“A few years back my dad almost kicked me out of his house because I broke up with my ex a month before the set date for dowry payment. You can all guess how much it was,” she said.

Her followers too had some rather astonishing confessions on the same.

“My mum once packed my clothes in a paperbag (black) and she intended to drop me off where the street kids were….reason being nilikuwa kichwa ngumu hadi nikamshinda,” said one fan.

“My mom dug my leg na ile jembe ndogo ya kupalilia maharagwe after she got a bottle of alvaro in my bag she insisted it was bottle of beer, posted another.

“Mimi nilipelekwa by force nikapimwe mimba and I was still a virgin by then,” added another.

Amber Ray is now married to prominent Kisii politician Zaheer Jhanda as a second wife, something that has always fascinated her fans.

Many have argued that she’s too pretty and blessed to be a second wife while others have insisted she did for his money.

Regardless, the curvy socialite has confessed in the past it’s never easy being a second wife especially, after Jhanda’s first wife came out to accuse her of using Juju to ‘steal’ Jhanda from her.


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