Why Socialite Kwamboka Had to Dump Mzungu Boyfriend Despite Loving Him

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has broken up with her Italian Fiancé Gaetano Amato.

The socialite took to social media to share that despite loving Amato, she had to end the relationship because of distance. Gaetano lives in Italy while she resides in Kenya.

On Instagram, she shared a video clip of him carrying her hand bag with the break up message.

“I loved this guy! But the distance just couldn’t allow us to be together, it’s been tough and we were not happy. I’m single and happy, focusing on myself and law practice. I’m sure I will find love and when it’s real; it will be easy,” she wrote.

The socialite, who is an advocate of the High Court, travelled around the world with Gaetano for the better part of last year. The two were madly in love and distance never looked like a threat to their relationship.

Before deleting Gaetano’s photos from her account, Kwamboka reminisced how her long distant relationship became tormenting.

She confessed that in April this year she approached her friends for advice while trying to come up with a valid solution.

“The funny thing is the last day I was with him in April, I made a video on my Instagram asking guys for advice on how to survive a long distance relationship,” she said in a post which she also deleted hours later.

“After endless struggle and fights for little things because we were both agitated about everything coz we missed each other, we finally decided to quit.”

Gaetano and Kwamboka dated only for a year.


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