William Kabogo Supports Moses Kuria’s Claim Mt Kenya Has Not Benefited From Uhuru’s Presidency

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has guaranteed Mt Kenya district has not profited by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reign simply like it has occurred in past routines.


The flashy government official blamed the Head for State of neglecting to start improvement extends in the district regardless of the help he got from voters to hold the administration.

Speaking in Thika, on Sunday, March 24, the former county chief echoed Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria’s claims that Central Kenya lagged behind in development despite being a significant voting bloc which ensured Uhuru’s reelection was possible.

He claimed the region was angry for being used for political expediency.

“It is sad we boast of being the largest voting bloc but we end up being used for political gains by individuals. We’re tired of turning out in large numbers to vote yet we do not benefit from the regimes we have voted in,” Kabogo said.

The former governor prevailed on Uhuru to effect the war on graft which had made it impossible for citizens to benefit from national development by ensuring graft perpetrators were arrested and sacked from public service.

William Kabogo supports Moses Kuria's claim Mt Kenya has not benefited from Uhuru's presidency

William Kabogo challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta (pictured alongside DP William Ruto) Kenyatta to arrest corrupt officials in his government. Photo: The Informer.

Kabogo issued an ultimatum to the president to deal with corrupt individuals in his government or pass the baton to Jubilee supporters to oust the perpetrators.

“I am ready to consolidate support from Jubilee supporters to arrest corrupt government officials and kick them out of office. If the president cannot arrest them, he should delegate the madate to us because it is his government. We will frogmarch them from their offices,” said the former governor.

He said it was impermissible for Central Kenya to sit and watch the government they voted in stealing from them.


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