William Ruto Suggests Solution To Land Problems In Kenya

Land is, perhaps, the most fought for natural resource in Kenya and Deputy President William Ruto seems to know exactly why that is the case.

The DP pointed out what he believes are the main causes of the perennial and sometimes fatal land conflicts in the country.

Speaking during the unveiling of the National Land Use Policy on Tuesday, June 12, Ruto said lack of proper planning and clear road map on how to utilise land resources was partly to blame for the deep-rooted mess in the land sector.

He asserted the proliferation of informal settlements in major towns and cities across the country and the skyrocketing cost of property were brought about by poor planning and worsened by corruption.

The informal settlements, the DP added, also posed a challenge when it comes to infrastructure development, especially in the urban areas like Nairobi and Mombasa.

He said due to the lack of planning and vision by the previous regimes, people had erected all sorts of structures on riparian areas and lands reserved for infrastructure development and expansion.

“The many unplanned structures have made it very difficult to build sewerage systems and road networks in urban areas,” Ruto said.

The irony is that Ruto has also had his own share of blame on land matters.

Kenyans have hardly forgotten about the Langata Road Primary School land grab scandal in which the DP was adversely mentioned.

Ruto’s Weston Hotel was accused of attempting to convert the Langata Road Primary School playground into a parking lot.

There were also allegations that Weston was built on a land that was allegedly grabbed from the Kenya Civil Aviation (KCA).

Ruto denied the land grabbing allegations.


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