Willice Ochieng, ‘Kenya’s Word Smith’ Corrects President Uhuru’s Spoken English

Being the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta’s deeds, words and lifestyle is always under a microscope. Spelling is definitely one of them.

President Uhuru was yesterday the butt of online jokes after word master Willice Ochieng tore into his twitter handle over a rare glairing spelling error.

Uhuru had tweeted that he had visited his friend former Cabinet Minister Kenneth Matiba who is ‘convalescencing’ at a Nairobi hospital.

Uhuru Kenyatta


Visited my friend Kenneth Matiba, former Minister, who is convalescing at a Nairobi hospital.

The misspelt word ‘convalescencing’ caught the eye of the word smith, Ochieng, who quickly corrected him that the word was ‘convalescing’ to the amusement of his followers.

Willice Ochieng@WilliceOchieng1
Replying to @UKenyatta

The right word is CONVALESCING (from the verb CONVALESCE – to recuperate). It could be a typo or a mistaken spelling/word. To err is human.

Kenneth Stanley Njindo Matiba is admitted in hospital, broken and ailing in obscurity, despite being a pioneer civil servant, tycoon and renowned politician.

The multiparty crusader was on August awarded Sh504 million as compensation for torture.


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