Woman Weds At The Hospital So That Her Sick Father Could Walk Her Down The Isle (Photo)

How much do you love your father?

Well, a lady by the name of Vieneese loves her daddy so much. After getting engaged to the love of her life, she was looking forward to her dad walking her down the aisle but, sadly, her dad became very ill. Doctors told her that he had acute leukemia and he only had a few weeks left to live.

Vieneese and her lover Douglas Stanton had originally planned to have a big wedding in April 2018 but she decided to carry it forward. To make it even better, the wedding was conducted at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center where her father was admitted, just so he could walk her down the aisle.

Vieneese’s dad walking her down the aisle as doctors and family and friends cheer on.

woman wed husband in hospital

The caring hospital staff decorated the hospital, bought a cake and even dressed her dad up.

Vieneese told People Magazine that her father had no idea what was about to happen;

I actually was hiding from him in the hospital! He takes walks around the hospital in the morning so they decided to take him for his walk and then I turned the corner on him. His reaction was priceless, she says. He really was about to start crying.

The bride was full of smiles as she and her father walked arm-in-arm down the hospital’s halls. The nurses and guests stood on the sidelines, clapping and taking photos. The hospital staff also provided a lot of food and even a professional photographer.

Vieneese and her hubby.


Much congratulations to her.


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