How Women Get Duped In Their ‘Relationships’

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There was this nice lad I was talking to recently who was expounding on the number of ventures he was about to get into or was involved in.

It might have been honest and the truth but to me anything a man tells me especially when he is trying to be a love interest, is always false.

It might be true, but to me no matter what you say, it will be false.

You would rather just let me find out on my own but the minute you start bragging about it, in my head I already know that is a crash waiting to happen.

I learnt a long time ago that the men who speak honestly are the ones that say nothing at all. You will never know their business. If you want to date him, stay. If you don’t want to, don’t stay. He will just not say anything that will make him a prime catch and that is where women get it wrong.

They fall for the men who flaunt themselves like peacocks only to realize when she is in too deep that the man was putting her on.

Women, you need to learn to watch out. Stay away from men who talk too much. Stay away from men who tell you their business. Men don’t like women knowing their business. If he is too open with it, he is making stuff up for your benefit.

Furthermore stay away from men who fall in love too fast or ‘love at first sight.’

Lastly, if he exhibits those two qualities and you met him on Facebook or social media; it is a lie. It might be true but pleased don’t fall.

He is just waiting for the right moment to get what he wants from you.

There is a new scam in town and it is called: ‘Women finding love on social media.’ Maybe it happens to the men too but women are easier prey and they come in larger numbers.

Lady, if he is handsome and searching, don’t trust him. You would rather trust the not-so good looking one because that one it is obvious, in real life he rarely gets any luck. But this other one that looks good in real life and he tells you he has never found anyone; it is a lie.

He is up to something and it might end up with you having nothing in your house when he is done.

Don’t trust the one that comes in with a fancy car and conducts business in front of you then goes ahead to give you a pitch. Men looking to wife any woman in their life, will hide all manner of money making ventures from her. The poorer the better. If he is selling you something on your first new meets and wanting to put you on a higher ladder and you met two weeks ago- that is a liar.

Any man who is your love interest is a liar unless you do all the information gathering yourself and without his cooperation.


Source: News24 Kenya


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