Zari Out Here Clearly Showing She’s Done With Diamond

A lot of people actually believe that Diamond Platnumz is the one who dumped ex-wife Zari Hassan but in reality, Zari actually did. On Valentines day as a mater of of act.

With that said, many still believe that Zari misses Diamond big time and she has never moved on. I actually think that is very true because Zari keeps throwing a lot of shade on Diamond and Tanasha and insist that the two will never make it work.

A fan recently asked Zari whether she’ll take back Diamond Platnumz and Zari, who now has another man, was quick to shut him down with an answering showing that she has clearly moved on with her life.

”Zari let me ask, can you forgive Diamond if he comes to you and apologise, can you forgive and take him back?” the fan posed.

Zari replied: Mbona unaleta Uji kwa bar.

This is among many other signs Zari Hassan has put out there trying to prove Diamond is history in her life.


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