Zari Talks About Her Illness Hours After She Was Hospitalized

Zari Hassan is at present recovering at home in the wake of being released from emergency clinic.

The Mum of 5 had before uncovered that she was truly sick and consequently was compelled to look for restorative consideration. In any case, she didn’t uncover any data about her ailment until only a couple of hours back.

Because of two posts shared on her Instagram page we comprehend that she had a chest contamination, serious migraine and tonsillitis that left her inclination frail. She composed saying;

“I will be fine, its bad tonsillitis, fever, headache and chest infections. 3 drips Saturday, three drips today, save me lord,”

Enjoying summer

This came a few hours after posting several photos looking all sexy in her white bikini. Judging from the comments left by her Bongo in-laws most found this outfit promiscuous and not ‘suitable’ for a Mum.

Zari on the other hand was not up with such criticism as she chose to fire back. According to her, very few mothers have the privilege of achieving her body goals and this is why she cannot afford to hide it.


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